SIG P320 Concealed Carry Grip Module Stippling & Cerakote

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How to order and ship your grip module (if mailing one in): Place your order on, safely dissassemble your P320. Keep the serialized fire control unit and slide. Only mail the grip module to us. You can keep the mag release installed, we know that can be difficult to remove. We recommend that you insure your package but it is not requried. Please include a copy of your order confirmation printed out or some information containing your order # inside the package.

Mail grip module to: JT Customs 7483 Heinrich Rd, Hamburg, NY 14075

This new offering came about after years of customer questions and emails asking about the aggressiveness of grip textures and how comfortable (or uncomfortable) they may be for concealed carry.

Our Concealed Carry P320 Stippling and Cerakote gives our customers the opportunity to choose two separate stippling patterns. The front and back-strap portions of the grip module can have a more aggressive stippling pattern since they do not make contact with the body.

The side panels so interface your clothing and body while concealed carrying so they can have a less aggressive stippling texture. I cannot tell you how many shirts of mine have little holes in them from rubbing against my most aggressive stippling patterns.

The Concealed Carry Stippling doesn't matter what grip module that is being sent in.

Click HERE to see all available modifications including examples of stippling textures and more.

Please refer to the information below for a better description of upgrades and add-ons being offered:


Choose between None, Single color or Multi / Camo. Please note that this includes frame cerakote only.

Specify Cerakote Choice:

Single Color Cerakote Options:

– Storm Trooper White H-297
– Red H-216
– Cobalt H-112
– OD Green H-236
– Graphite Black H-146
– Burnt Bronze H-148
– Sniper Grey H-234
– Mapgul FDE H-267
– Noveske Bazooka Green H-189
– Battle Ship Grey H-213
– Robin Egg Blue H-175
– Prison Pink H-141
– Tungsten H-237
– Coyote Tan H-235
– Gloss Black H-109
– Armor Black H-190
– Glock Grey H-184
– Sig Dark Grey H-210
– Stone Grey H-262
– Vortex Bronze H-293
– Midnight Bronze H-294
– Mil Spec Green H-264
– Magpul OD Green H-232
– Mil Spec OD Green H-240
– Sniper Green H-229
– SOCOM Blue H-245
– Sig Pink H-224
– Gold H-122

Camo Cerakote Options:
– Woodland Camo
– FDE Camo
– Tropical Multicam
- Urban Multicam
– Burnt Bronze Multicam
– OD Green Multicam
– Tiffany Camo
– Blackout Multicam
– Alpine Multicam
– Dark Alpine Multicam

Side Panel Grip Texture / Front and Backstrap Grip texture:

Havok: our signature micro stipple. Great for moisture wicking. Perfect for any use; including inside or outside carry. 

Gambit: This pattern provides a more positive grip on the firearm as opposed to the default (Spawn) texture. It is still comfortable enough for Everyday Carry against your body with an Inside the Waistband holster. It would also be a good option for competition shooters and duty pistols

Gojira: This pattern is very similar to Gambit but has a more aestetic design.

Xavier: Our most aggressive texture. Ideal for outside waistband carry or competition shooters.


Choose between None, Index Finger Stippling, Trigger Guard Stippling or Both. The Side Panel Stippling Texture will be what is used on the index and / or Trigger Guard Stippling.