Stacatto 2011 Stippling

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IDG is always looking for ways to get our stippling work into as many hands as possible. We've been receiving a ton of requests to do Staccato (STI) 2011 frames. You will be required to safely dissassemble the firearm grip and ship only that component for us to stipple. The polymer grip for the Staccato is NOT A FIREARM. It can be shipped via any service (USPS, DHL, UPS or FedEx).

Instructions: Place the order, safely dissassemble the firearm and JUST SHIP US THE POLYMER GRIP Mag release and trigger can be a pain so leave that in if you wish.

Mail the grip to IDG LLC, 78 Morris Cres, Buffalo, NY 14224. Email us at with tracking info when it ships. Please note, we cannot guarantee any packages that were lost or stolen. It is your responsibility to add on insurance and signature confirmation to ensure it will get to use safely.

Click HERE to see all available modifications including examples of stippling textures and more.

Grip texture:

Spawn: Our most popular stippling pattern and provides a more aggressive texture than the factory texture. Perfect for any use; including inside or outside carry.

Havok: A tighter pattern of Spawn and resembles more of a micro stipple. Great for moisture wicking. Perfect for any use; including inside or outside carry. 

Wolverine: This is a newer pattern for us. It involves more of a tight scratch design and is medium aggressiveness.

Gojira: This pattern is done on varying angles to provide a more aggressive texture than Spawn or Havok.

Gambit: This pattern provides a more positive grip on the firearm as opposed to the default (Spawn) texture. It is still comfortable enough for Everyday Carry against your body with an Inside the Waistband holster. It would also be a good option for competition shooters and duty pistols

Xavier: Our most aggressive texture. Ideal for outside waistband carry or competition shooters.