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This product offering requires you to visit your trusted local FFL to have them mail in your Complete Glock firearm to JT Customs for Stippling and Cerakote services. Magazine Magwells and Accessories are encouraged to also  be Cerakoted for a truly unique look.

JT Customs is a Dealer in Firearms (FFL-07) allowing us to buy, sell and manufacture firearms.

Per federal law, complete firearms and serialized frames must travel overnight service to and from an FFL. Non-serialized items (slides, barrels, non-serialized grip modules, etc) can travel ground service.

Refer to our Shipping Serialized Frame page for more information and instructions.

Please include a copy of your order confirmation, your state issued-drivers license or government issued ID and your pistol permit/concealed carry permit. You are responsible for shipping costs to our location. Shipping insurance is encouraged.

Click HERE to see all available modifications including examples of stippling textures and more.


- Choose between SINGLE COLOR, CAMO / BATTLEWORN ALONG WITH A TIER. Everything you ship to JT Customs will be cerakoted to match. If camo is selected then the pattern will seamlessly blend with each component where applicable. A list of single color and camo cerakote choices are described below.

You will fill in the Cerakote choice(s) in the text box below this dropdown.

TIER 1: Slide, Grip Module & Baseplates (up to 5x), Magwell, Compensator and choice of Laser, Weapon Light or Optic.

TIER 2: Slide, Grip Module & Baseplates (up to 4x) and Magwell

TIER 3: Slide, Grip Module & Baseplates(up to 3x)

Specify Frame Cerakote Choice:

Single Color Cerakote Options:

– Storm Trooper White H-297
– Red H-216
– Cobalt H-112
– OD Green H-236
– Graphite Black H-146
– Burnt Bronze H-148
– Sniper Grey H-234
– Mapgul FDE H-267
– Noveske Bazooka Green H-189
– Battle Ship Grey H-213
– Robin Egg Blue H-175
– Prison Pink H-141
– Tungsten H-237
– Coyote Tan H-235
– Gloss Black H-109
– Armor Black H-190
– Glock Grey H-184
– Sig Dark Grey H-210
– Stone Grey H-262
– Vortex Bronze H-293
– Midnight Bronze H-294
– Mil Spec Green H-264
– Magpul OD Green H-232
– Mil Spec OD Green H-240
– Sniper Green H-229
– SOCOM Blue H-245
– Sig Pink H-224
– Gold H-122

Camo Cerakote Options:
– Woodland Camo
– FDE Camo
– Tropical Multicam
- Urban Multicam
– Burnt Bronze Multicam
– OD Green Multicam
– Tiffany Camo
– Blackout Multicam
– Alpine Multicam
– Dark Alpine Multicam

Grip Texture:

None / Cerakote only: No stippling will be done to your Glock

Havok: our signature micro stipple. Great for moisture wicking. Perfect for any use; including inside or outside carry. 

Gambit: This pattern provides a more positive grip on the firearm as opposed to the default (Spawn) texture. It is still comfortable enough for Everyday Carry against your body with an Inside the Waistband holster. It would also be a good option for competition shooters and duty pistols

Gojira: This pattern has a scale appearance. Grip aggressiveness is similar to Gambit.

Xavier: Our most aggressive texture. Ideal for outside waistband carry or competition shooters


A single undercut allows for a higher grip purchase by sanding and polishing a deeper groove. This also helps prevent what is now referred to "Glock knuckle".

Choose between None, Single Undercut or Double Undercut

Stabilizer Cuts:

This option is done on both sides of the frame for symmetry. The stabilizer cut is also known as a gas pedal or accelerator cut. The purpose is to provide both a reference point for your trigger finger as well as a ledge for your support hand thumb when shooting. This ledge helps for recoil management and allows you to have faster follow-up shots. A double undercut includes an additional undercut on the trigger guard for your support hand to also obtain a higher grip. The higher you are able to grip the firearm, the better your chance of managing recoil.

Choose between None or Add Stabilizer Cuts

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