Integral Defense Group will routinely update this page with current lead times based upon supply and demand of our services.

Last updated: 8/30/2021

Firearm sales continue to skyrocket in the US with no signs of slowing. This means items like Sig Sauer grip modules are also frequently out of stock from our vendors. Our website traffic has been through the roof and business continues to grow month after month. In addition, we constantly receive random "curve-balls" that cause more grief.

Can anyone spot the issue in the picture below? This was a packaged grip module directly from Sig Sauer's warehouse. I'll give you a hint, I received a batch of "P365 XL grip modules" which were labeled as such on the packaging. However, low and behold, a standard P365 grip module was packaged instead.

Inventory issues causing lead time delays

Moral of the story, we cannot predict issues like this but they arise and they are routinely out of my control.

Our current lead times reflect these various factors and will be updated as they change. Please note that our business strives to put out the best quality possible and these things take time to do right.

How the ordering process works... You place your order and receive a confirmation email. From there, you wait and when you receive an email when your order is fulfilled, then that also comes with a tracking number for you to monitor the status of the shipment. If you have not received an email stating that you order is complete then it is not completed and is still in our work queue.

Emailing us to check on the order status just eats up more time that I am behind the computer and less time stippling.


Current lead time for Glock frame modifications (such as stippling, undercuts and stabilizer cuts) is currently 2-3 weeks after frame has been received. Lead time is roughly 5-6 weeks if Glock frame also requires cerakote work.



We try to keep some grip modules on-hand. If we are out of inventory on a grip module then we are very much dependent on our vendors to re-stock. Made to order grip modules will take roughly 1-2 weeks to ship if there is no cerakote work to be done. Lead time extends out to roughly 6-7 weeks for cerakote and stippling work on all Sig grip modules. We are at the mercy of Sig Sauer grip modules being available and in stock at our dealer along with our Cerakoter and work they have to do for their own customers as well as with our orders.



Integral Defense Group strives to always keep some P320 and P365 grip modules in inventory for ready to ship orders with little to no lead time. Please allow up to 3-5 business days for pre-stippled grip modules to ship because we always have a hard time keeping these grips on the shelves.

Subscribing to our newsletter on the Homepage of our website will allow you to stay in the know for any updates on ready to ship inventory as they become available.


Our apparel is printed on demand from Printful.com. They currently have a 2 week lead time for any hats, t-shirts and hoodies as their supply is also drastically impacted by COVID-19.


Our Outdoor / Everyday Carry collection dropships separately from our warehouse with all our inventory. If you purchase any custom framework or grip modules then they will arrive separately from the products purchased in this collection. Please allow up to 30 days to receive these items as we are still in the process of completing our warehouse.


Be aware, our apparel will ship from separate locations as opposed to IDG HQ and will not arrive at the same time.