Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I am new to customizing my firearm... Where do I start?

A: No problem. That is what we are here for. We recently released an interactive Q&A that will help guide you in the right direction. Click HERE to try it out! Don't forget to look at our popular upgrades when you are done customizing your frame! You can also watch our YouTube video that helps explain what we do in greater detail. Refer to the video below:


Q: I cannot decide what stippling texture to use. What would you recommend...

A: You will want to go with Spawn or Havoc stippling patterns for the least aggressive of the bunch and can be used on any polymer handgun. I personally use Gojira on my EDC Sig P365 and it's a great balance between comfort and control of the firearm. This is carried by me inside the waistband. The same goes with Gambit. You'd be more inclined to opt for Gambit, Xavier or Silicone Carbide to be on your larger range / duty guns that are carried typically outside the waistband (OWB). Here's a photo showing off what each pattern looks like.

Q: Can I upgrade one of your "pre-stippled" grip modules with a different stippling texture?

A: We are sorry but these grip modules are marked as "pre-stippled" because they are already stippled, in-stock and ready to ship. To customize your grip module to your specifications, please head over to our Made To Order section. There you can add upgrades/add-ons such as: stippling patterns, trigger finger stippling, index finger stippling or even a manual safety cut.


Q: I am ordering a custom grip module. I'd like stippling and cerakote done to it along with some of your other upgrades (such as stippling pattern, trigger finger stippling, etc). Can I just add this to my order notes at checkout?

A: Our Upgrades / Popular Add-Ons section is full of the products that you are looking for to further customize your grip module. This is additional work and therefore additional time is required to complete so these upgrades do come at a cost. If you do not add these as separate products to your order then they will not be fulfilled.


Q: I ordered my grip X days/weeks ago. Can I get an update on my order?

A: Refer to our page on Lead Times. Please note, the more time I spend answering emails, the less time I am at my workbench stippling.


Q: The cerakote color (or camo pattern) I would like is not listed as an option. Can I request a custom cerakote color?

A: Yes, as long as you know the name of the cerakote color or camo pattern and understand that your order may experience longer lead times than the more readily available cerakote color(s) / patterns. We currently only do the stippling in house. All cerakoting is outsourced to F-Dez Werx or BSH Gunworks.


Q: Why are there two different border designs shown on your site?

A: We are still offering the old style border design HERE - This is available for Sig P365 and P365 XL grip modules. The style change was so that manual safety users' wouldn't have issues with the safety lever potentially getting caught up on the stippling. The style differences also allow the owner to showcase their cerakote more on the default design.

Everything we offer is personally tested and is proven to be functional and combat effective above everything else.