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This Cerakote service is for those who want a completely customized firearm. There are tons of combinations that our customers choose. Please refer to the photo gallery on this product page for examples of some of the custom cerakote work that our customers have chosen.

If the camo pattern chosen is the same for your slide as it is on any custom frame work that you ordered, the pattern will seamlessly blend in with one another and match.

Customers who do complete builds with us typically choose from one of the following combinations:

- Factory colors (no cerakote anywhere)

- Single color frame and Camo Slide

- Camo for the frame and Single color for Slide

- Matching slide and frame color/camo

Please note, there are slide cerakote options found on some of our "Custom Slide Work & Milling" services. All you need to choose your slide cerakote ONCE and it can be done on those other service pages. If you want to leave your Glock slide stock, except for adding cerakote, then you will need to add this product offering to your shopping cart.

If you have a non-Glock slide (ie Sig, M&P, H&K, CZ, Canik, etc) then this is the only slide customiation that we offer at this time.


Choose between Single color (included in price) or Multi / Camo.


You can mail us up to 3 magazine baseplates along with your slide for them to be cerakoted to match.

Specify Cerakote Choice:

Single Color Cerakote Options:

– Storm Trooper White H-297
– Red H-216
– Cobalt H-112
– OD Green H-236
– Graphite Black H-146
– Burnt Bronze H-148
– Sniper Grey H-234
– Mapgul FDE H-267
– Noveske Bazooka Green H-189
– Battle Ship Grey H-213
– Robin Egg Blue H-175
– Prison Pink H-141
– Tungsten H-237
– Coyote Tan H-235
– Gloss Black H-109
– Armor Black H-190
– Glock Grey H-184
– Sig Dark Grey H-210
– Stone Grey H-262
– Vortex Bronze H-293
– Midnight Bronze H-294
– Mil Spec Green H-264
– Magpul OD Green H-232
– Mil Spec OD Green H-240
– Sniper Green H-229
– SOCOM Blue H-245
– Sig Pink H-224
– Gold H-122

Camo Cerakote Options:
– Woodland Camo
– FDE Camo
– Tropical Multicam
- Urban Multicam
– Burnt Bronze Multicam
– OD Green Multicam
– Tiffany Camo
– Blackout Multicam
– Alpine Multicam
– Dark Alpine Multicam