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IDG is always looking for ways to get our stippling work into as many hands as possible. We've been receiving a ton of requests from potential customers who already have a grip module that they would like to have stippled.

So if you're okay with mailing us your Sig P365, P365 XL or P365 SAS grip module for custom stippling then look no further. Please note, you will receive an email within 24 hours after ordering with instructions on how to get your grip module to us for custom work. - All we need is the grip module. You can keep the slide and FCU with you.

IDG doesn't care if you have a factory grip module that you want to send in for stippling or one that was cerakoted (could have been done by any cerakoting company out there) and want to add one of our awesome stippling patterns on it.

We are offering this service in an effort to drastically reduce lead times for our custom grip modules. The biggest impact to lead times has been cerakoting grip modules. So if you have a cerakoted grip module, or want to save some money not having to purchase a grip module to be customized, then send it our way. Integral Defense Group will have it stippled and shipped back within 1-2 weeks tops.

Ordering Options / Instructions:

1.) Add this product to your Shopping Cart.

2.) Choose from the following options when ordering:

Stippling: Choose between Spawn (no up-charge), Gambit (+$10), Havoc (+$10), Gojira (+$15) or Xavier (+$15) stippling texture.

Add-Ons: Choose between None, Index Finger Stippling (+$10), Trigger Guard Stippling (+$10) or Both (+$15). You save $5 when purchasing both upgrades.

3.) Checkout and prep your grip module to ship to us. This involves removing the slide and fire control unit from the grip module. Be sure to follow all firearm safety rules when doing so.

4.) Package your grip module securely. Be sure to add some paper work with your order # along with your return address and mail to us at the following: IDG LLC, 78 Morris Cres, Buffalo, NY 14224

 5.) You will receive an email with tracking number when your order is completed.