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BOOKS ARE CLOSED FOR CUSTOM P320, P365 and P365XL FRAMEWORK! We're going to be offering grips on the website that are already cerakoted and stippled in your favorite colors and camo patterns! This should eliminate the extended lead times that we are experiencing. Pre-stippled grips are still available along with Glock and Polymer frame modifications.

No need to worry about sending your Sig Sauer P365 grip module in for a stipple job. Here’s your chance to own a stippled Sig P365 Grip Module without having to wait with lead times.

Please note: We are constantly getting shipments of P365 grip models from our vendor. Please allow us a couple business days to receive new inventory and stipple up a fresh one for you.

We do allow upgrades to be done to this grip module such as index finger stippling and trigger guard stippling. THESE ARE PRE-STIPPLED SO YOU CANNOT MODIFY THE STIPPLING TEXTURE. Please visit our POPULAR ADD-ONS for more information.

Texture: Spawn grip texture (perfect for everyday carry)

Cerakote: None (factory black)

If you own one of the newly released Sig Sauer P365 SAS model then this grip module is NOT the same. It will work but you will lose some of the selling points of the SAS, such as the anti-snag. This will fit the original P365 or P365 XL slides.