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Integral Defense Group, LLC is a Dealer in Firearms (FFL-07) allowing us to buy, sell and manufacture firearms.

We now are able to offer custom frame work for serialized polymer framed handguns such as the CZ P10-S, CZ P10-C, CZ P10-F, M&P Shield, M&P Compact, H&K VP9, Canik TP9 and more!


Before placing an order, you must follow and obey to the following:

Ordering on this website only secures you a spot in our books. You will receive a PDF Order Form within 24 hours with further details on how to properly ship your serialized frame for customization. You must fill out and include the order form when you ship your frame. We also require a photocopy of your state issued drivers license and pistol permit is included. The information in the order form must be filled out and match the information provided. You will provide your cerakote color choice(s) when filling out the order form.

  • By ordering, you understand that modifying your firearm will void your firearm’s factory warranty and Integral Defense Group, LLC is not to held liable for damages due to misuse or neglect, and are released from any and all claims, lawsuits, and liabilities.

    Glock Stippling and Custom Framework Options by Integral Defense Group


    Cerakote Color: Choose between None, Single Color or Camouflage cerakote. Cerakote is a ceramic based finish that can be applied to metals, plastics and polymers.

    Trigger Guard: Choose between None or Add Stippling. If selected, a patch of stippling will be added under the trigger guard. This will aide your support hand to have a consistent reference point as well as assist in recoil mitigation.

    Stabilizer Cuts: Unfortunately, this upgrade is not available on some polymer frames. The stabilizer cuts allow for additional traction when shooting with the thumbs forward / high tang grip. They are on both sides of the frame and can also be a good reference point for your index finger to practice the safe handling of firearms.

    Questions? They're probably answered in our FAQ section. Email us at IntegralDefenseGroup@gmail.com and we will be more than happy to help you build the gun of your dreams.