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This has been a very popular add-on request for our customers. The Sig Sauer P365 Trigger Finger Reference is a small patch of stippling added over the accessory rail on both sides of the grip module.

This gives your trigger finger a reference point for safety AND can also be used as an “accelerator” or “gas pedal” for your thumbs for those with larger hands on this sub-compact grip. These are added to pistols and help mitigate recoil with the high tang / thumbs forward grip that is most commonly used today.

It is not aggressive and therefore will not cause issues with holstering or drawing your firearm. This is done ABOVE the accessory rail so that the rail can still be used for any kind of attachment you wish to have mounted.

We will match the stippling for this with whatever stippling pattern /grip texture upgrades you choose for continuity at no additional charge.

This may be done to ANY of our Sig Sauer P365 / P365 XL grip modules. This is known as "stabilizer cuts" for the Glock frame work since a ledge is sanded into the grip module and requires much more work to complete.