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What exactly is a "complete build"? The simple answer is that IDG will work with you to get you with a completely customized firearm that is built to your specifications. Due to the nature of this service, it requires that you mail IDG your slide, frame and baseplates (up to 3x) to IDG.

You will receive an order form within 24 hours of your order with shipping instructions. Integral Defense Group, LLC is an FFL-07 and can legally accept serialized frames.

Lead times will vary. Contact IDG at for any custom work you may want that is not described below and we'll work with you to make it happen.

Here is what is included with your complete build:

- Cerakote: Your SLIDE, FRAME and UP TO 3 MAGAZINE BASEPLATES will be cerakoted to match. Options include single color or multi / camo options. Price is $150 for single color and $250 for multi / camo cerakote. Cerakote is outsourced to F-DEZ Werx or BSH Gunworks depending on their workloads.

- Stippling: You choose from any of our stippling textures / grip patterns that we offer. This includes (Spawn, Gambit, Havoc, Gojira or Xavier). Cost ranges from $40-75 depending on the texture.

- Additional Options: For Glocks, you have the option of adding Single Undercut, Double Undercut, Stabilizer Cuts or both. You will receive a discount if you opt in for all the upgardes. *Note: Choosing Silicone Carbide and stabilizer cuts means tht the stippling on the stabilizer cuts will be using Spawn stippling texture and will NOT be silicone carbide.